last week jared and i decided enough was enough and we joined a crossfit gym.

some friends of ours opened it close to our house and we are getting a good friends & family discount, so we realized that it was in our best interest to join.   after the baby, i was down to my pre-pregnancy weight right away (which was still higher than I’d like to be), but once i stopped nursing, i put on 20 pounds seemingly overnight.  j gained about 50 sympathy pounds once he started his stay at home dad gig and realized that it’s hard to be super active when you’re taking care of a house and baby and also a full time student.

neither j nor i are strangers to exercise and fitness programs.  we were both athletes in high school and have spent lots of time in the gym.  we also know that without someone to hold us accountable and push us to our limits, our gym time would consist of 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer and a few crunches.  which we all know will do SQUAT.

speaking of squat..  there are a lot of them in crossfit training.  i did so many squats the first day that i could barely get out of the car when i got home.   that soreness carried on throughout the day, with extreme groaning every time i had to go from standing to sitting and vice versa. 

i knew that it would be hard, and i had been simultaneously dreading and looking forward to our first session.  i knew i was severely out of shape and the things that used to be easy to me would be VERY difficult.  i was right.  after about 10 minutes into our session, i was already sweating and tired.  and then my trainer, amanda, says “ok, that was a great warm up – let’s start the work out!”.  um… what?

the first workout consisted of deadlifts and squats, 3 sets of 15-12-9 reps, with a minute on the bike in between.  easy peasy.. at least to my former fit self.   not so much.  but i did them, and managed not to collapse until i was safety in my car.  jared had his session after mine and i was expecting him to come home and say “that wasn’t too bad”, making me feel even worse about my ability.  i felt a lot better when he came through the door and relayed that it was super hard for him too.

our next session was two days later.  the day after, i was freaking out because i was so sore i couldn’t sit on the toilet without whimpering.  how on earth was i going to work out again if i felt this way?  i trudged into the gym anyway, and amanda pulled out the torture devices foam rollers and lacrosse balls to get the knots out of my muscles.  it was painful, but it worked.   i was still sore, but i was able to get through my second workout, which consisted of more squats, some work with the weight bar, and the dreaded burpies (of which i had to do the modified, modified kind). 

i was pleasantly surprised the next day when i wasn’t NEARLY as sore as i had been.  apparently these guys know what they’re doing. 

check them out – crossfit vantage

amanda teaches the 1fitmother class at 9am MWF.   she is a mom and has the most rocking body you’ve ever seen. her class has a lot more focus on core work, ideal for all of us moms who’s abs are not quite what they used to be.



my first giveaway

in order to promote my green rock creations store on etsy and my facebook page, i’ve decided to participate in my first rafflecopter giveaway.

i’m not really sure what i’m doing, but figured a little experimentation couldn’t hurt!

“Mother’s Day… a time for warm thoughts and fond memories, for expressing the feelings and words that often go unspoken, for letting those special people in our lives know that they are loved and appreciated – always.”

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  • Pirate Party Games Pack
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discovering the world of etsy

when i first joined etsy a few years ago to sell my handmade catnip toys, i figured it was kind of like ebay.  you post. someone searches for your item.  they buy it if they like it.  done.  of course i didn’t make any sales.  this time around with my baby items, i decided to dive into the forums at etsy and see exactly what i had to do in order to have a successful shop. 

i had NO idea that there were so many options to promote your shop!

i joined a few teams and started adding team members shops and items to my favorites.  i created treasuries.  i posted questions on team threads and posted my items in any thread that allowed it.  i think this has helped me gain exposure – i’ve had 3 sales to people i don’t know in the last month.  it doesn’t seem like much, but a lot of people will go a LONG time before they make a sale – and considering my shop has only been open for 1.5 months, i’m happy with those sales.   i just need to find the time to continually promote my shop and watch my business grow!

the latest thing i’ve discovered are bnr/bns treasuries.  i’m still not quite clear on all the details or the language, but i’m sure i’ll figure it out.  i’m featured in my first one here:

if you check it out, be sure to leave a comment that says katie/greenrock sent you.  if i get enough referrals, i’ll be featured in the 2nd round for free.  also, if you want to buy something from my shop – please use the coupon code bns10 for 10% off! 

green rock creations

for those of you that know me, you know i am an entrepreneur at heart.  it’s pretty much impossible for me to have a hobby without brainstorming how i can turn it into a business.  ever since i got my mba, i’ve been dying to have my own small business, but doing what?

house flipping has been my dream, but i don’t have the funds to invest in it right now and it’s not an easy thing to get into.

i’ve always admired the etsy stores and try to buy from them when i’m looking for unique gifts and other items.  once i briefly tried selling some felt catnip mice that i made, but nothing came of it.

a few months ago i took a sewing class, courtesy of a living social deal.  my friend had given me a machine, but i was intimidated by it so it just sat in a closet.   i figured i might as well learn how to use it and see what kind of cute baby things i could make for charlotte.   the class was so much fun and gave me the confidence i needed to break out the sewing machine and get some supplies at a fabric store.

i cruised pinterest to see what kind of easy things i could make and found instructions on how to create cute burp cloths. i looked through my fabric stash, took one of c’s old cloth diapers and went to town.  it was so easy and turned out super cute!  i made a few more for myself and for gifts and the people i gave them too loved them so much that i thought i should try the whole etsy thing again.

 thus my etsy shop was born. 

this time around i realized that i can’t just list my items and hope someone buys them.  i need to actively promote and drive traffic to my shop.  this kind of marketing is both super exciting and a little difficult for me – exciting because i LOVE this kind of thing.. difficult because  i get a pang of dissapointment when i promote my shop somewhere and don’t immediately get a sale.  this is something i need to work through  because i totally understand and get that it takes time.  i’m not going to have a thriving business overnight – i need to be patient and work hard at promoting and creating items before i start getting sales and realize that there will be a definite lag time.

so far i’ve created a separate facebook page and joined some teams on etsy.  my plan is to comment on blogs and forum posts, sponsor a small blog giveaway of my item to get facebook fans, and keep researching on how to make my shop better.  once i have a few sales, i want to look into what i have to do in order to sell items in little boutique shops around town.  i know of a couple that would be perfect for my items.   but i imagine i need to get some sort of business license and do some heavy networking to make that happen.  i’ve joined a local mommy business association and plan to attend some of their events – hopefully i can meet some other mommies that can help show me the ropes.


i have no delusion that this will be my full time job anytime soon, but more of a way to allow me to fund my hobby and sew things without having the finished products take up a room of their own!

so if you know of anyone that is having a baby and need a cute baby gift, please cruise over to my shop and see if anything fits the bill!  i also take custom orders, so if you have a friend who is decorating a nursery with a specific theme let me know what you’re looking for – chances are I can find some cute fabric and make something they’ll love!

my new obsession

now if only i had the body and the bank account to pull off these creations.



j and i had an interesting situation yesterday.

the past week or so, we noticed that there wasn’t any activity from our elderly neighbor’s house.  j shoveled his walk after the 2 snowstorms we had within the past week, but mike never came out to thank j like he usually does.  we also noticed that his car hadn’t been moved in a week or two, which was unusual, but we figured he just didn’t want to drive in the snow.

after a walk with the dogs yesterday, j decided to knock on mike’s door to make sure everything was ok.   there was no answer and the mail was piling up in his mailbox.  j came home and told me about this and i said we should probably call the cops and have them do a welfare check.   j wondered if mike was on vacation, but i figured that if he was, his car wouldn’t be there and he probably would have his mail put on hold.

so j called the police and about 10 minutes later they arrived.  they went into the house and came back out.  j asked them if mike was there and the policeman said “oh, he’s in there” and jared asked if he was ok and the policeman said “no… he’s passed”.

j told the policemen that mike had a kitty and asked if the cat was in there.  the policeman kind of grimaced and said “oh, he’s in there hiding somewhere”.

when the ambulance came, the paramedic came out of the house and asked the policeman “why didn’t you tell me?” and the policeman said “i thought you’d want to see if for yourself”.

j didn’t want to seem like a morbid busybody so he didn’t ask any more questions, but we assume that the poor kitty, having been unfed for who knows how long, must have been eating on our poor dead neighbor.


we didn’t know mike too well, but j had been over there a couple times to fix things and mike and i always chatted about gardening or neighborhood things when we were both out front at the same time.   i keep thinking of the situation and can’t believe how sad it is that no one else had been in to check on him and how lonely he must have been.   we don’t know if he just died of old age or if he fell and couldn’t get to the phone or if he had a heart attack.  i hope he didn’t lay there suffering, not being able to get help.  we don’t know if he had any family – if he did, he never talked about them.  and i also wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t called the police?  how long would it have been before he was found?

so much to think about.  RIP neighbor mike.

too much hype makes things suck

i know i’m a little bit snobby in a hipster way when it comes to things becoming too popular, but i am so annoyed when something i used to like becomes so hyped up by the mainstream that it’s no longer enjoyable.

some examples include:

  • black friday shopping
  • facebook*
  • coldplay
  • flashmobs
  • superbowl commercials

let’s discuss the superbowl commercial phenomenon.   i remember back in the 90’s, joking about how i only watch the superbowl for the snacks and the commercials.  i also remember the commercials being very good, and the superbowl was actually the first time you saw them.  if you liked them, you would talk about them (bud–wise—er, wasssssabi!), but you didn’t hear about them endlessly on the local news.   maybe there would be a SNL parody or something.

it is just me or is too much attention paid to them now?  and although it’s brilliant marketing, it makes me uncomfortable that so many people can be sucked into the consumerism vortex and enjoy it.  how far it can this possibly go until people stop responding.  are we going to all be wearing nascar clothes a la “idiocracy” or have corporate sponsored schools like in max barry’s “jennifer government“?  i’d like to think that the human race won’t let this happen, but it’s a slippery slope.  people have already sold space on their bodies for companies to logo – and some dum-dums even do it for no compensation!   i have favorite brands like most people, but that doesn’t mean i’m going to permanently advertise for them on MY BODY.

i am probably looking at things way too seriously and should enjoy the good ads, since we’re subjected to them all and they are more entertaining than the bad ones.   i am just terrified of the day when corporations completely take over and humans are even more materialistic and shallow than they are now.

*still enjoyable, but way over-hyped