green rock creations

for those of you that know me, you know i am an entrepreneur at heart.  it’s pretty much impossible for me to have a hobby without brainstorming how i can turn it into a business.  ever since i got my mba, i’ve been dying to have my own small business, but doing what?

house flipping has been my dream, but i don’t have the funds to invest in it right now and it’s not an easy thing to get into.

i’ve always admired the etsy stores and try to buy from them when i’m looking for unique gifts and other items.  once i briefly tried selling some felt catnip mice that i made, but nothing came of it.

a few months ago i took a sewing class, courtesy of a living social deal.  my friend had given me a machine, but i was intimidated by it so it just sat in a closet.   i figured i might as well learn how to use it and see what kind of cute baby things i could make for charlotte.   the class was so much fun and gave me the confidence i needed to break out the sewing machine and get some supplies at a fabric store.

i cruised pinterest to see what kind of easy things i could make and found instructions on how to create cute burp cloths. i looked through my fabric stash, took one of c’s old cloth diapers and went to town.  it was so easy and turned out super cute!  i made a few more for myself and for gifts and the people i gave them too loved them so much that i thought i should try the whole etsy thing again.

 thus my etsy shop was born. 

this time around i realized that i can’t just list my items and hope someone buys them.  i need to actively promote and drive traffic to my shop.  this kind of marketing is both super exciting and a little difficult for me – exciting because i LOVE this kind of thing.. difficult because  i get a pang of dissapointment when i promote my shop somewhere and don’t immediately get a sale.  this is something i need to work through  because i totally understand and get that it takes time.  i’m not going to have a thriving business overnight – i need to be patient and work hard at promoting and creating items before i start getting sales and realize that there will be a definite lag time.

so far i’ve created a separate facebook page and joined some teams on etsy.  my plan is to comment on blogs and forum posts, sponsor a small blog giveaway of my item to get facebook fans, and keep researching on how to make my shop better.  once i have a few sales, i want to look into what i have to do in order to sell items in little boutique shops around town.  i know of a couple that would be perfect for my items.   but i imagine i need to get some sort of business license and do some heavy networking to make that happen.  i’ve joined a local mommy business association and plan to attend some of their events – hopefully i can meet some other mommies that can help show me the ropes.


i have no delusion that this will be my full time job anytime soon, but more of a way to allow me to fund my hobby and sew things without having the finished products take up a room of their own!

so if you know of anyone that is having a baby and need a cute baby gift, please cruise over to my shop and see if anything fits the bill!  i also take custom orders, so if you have a friend who is decorating a nursery with a specific theme let me know what you’re looking for – chances are I can find some cute fabric and make something they’ll love!


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