j and i had an interesting situation yesterday.

the past week or so, we noticed that there wasn’t any activity from our elderly neighbor’s house.  j shoveled his walk after the 2 snowstorms we had within the past week, but mike never came out to thank j like he usually does.  we also noticed that his car hadn’t been moved in a week or two, which was unusual, but we figured he just didn’t want to drive in the snow.

after a walk with the dogs yesterday, j decided to knock on mike’s door to make sure everything was ok.   there was no answer and the mail was piling up in his mailbox.  j came home and told me about this and i said we should probably call the cops and have them do a welfare check.   j wondered if mike was on vacation, but i figured that if he was, his car wouldn’t be there and he probably would have his mail put on hold.

so j called the police and about 10 minutes later they arrived.  they went into the house and came back out.  j asked them if mike was there and the policeman said “oh, he’s in there” and jared asked if he was ok and the policeman said “no… he’s passed”.

j told the policemen that mike had a kitty and asked if the cat was in there.  the policeman kind of grimaced and said “oh, he’s in there hiding somewhere”.

when the ambulance came, the paramedic came out of the house and asked the policeman “why didn’t you tell me?” and the policeman said “i thought you’d want to see if for yourself”.

j didn’t want to seem like a morbid busybody so he didn’t ask any more questions, but we assume that the poor kitty, having been unfed for who knows how long, must have been eating on our poor dead neighbor.


we didn’t know mike too well, but j had been over there a couple times to fix things and mike and i always chatted about gardening or neighborhood things when we were both out front at the same time.   i keep thinking of the situation and can’t believe how sad it is that no one else had been in to check on him and how lonely he must have been.   we don’t know if he just died of old age or if he fell and couldn’t get to the phone or if he had a heart attack.  i hope he didn’t lay there suffering, not being able to get help.  we don’t know if he had any family – if he did, he never talked about them.  and i also wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t called the police?  how long would it have been before he was found?

so much to think about.  RIP neighbor mike.


One response to “alone

  • Heidi

    Yikes. And I’m totally grossed out. I had to read this one to Wayne which in turn prompted a conversation about whether Kudra would eat us and if we would mind AND how they know we’re edible. Shudder is right!

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