discovering the world of etsy

when i first joined etsy a few years ago to sell my handmade catnip toys, i figured it was kind of like ebay.  you post. someone searches for your item.  they buy it if they like it.  done.  of course i didn’t make any sales.  this time around with my baby items, i decided to dive into the forums at etsy and see exactly what i had to do in order to have a successful shop. 

i had NO idea that there were so many options to promote your shop!

i joined a few teams and started adding team members shops and items to my favorites.  i created treasuries.  i posted questions on team threads and posted my items in any thread that allowed it.  i think this has helped me gain exposure – i’ve had 3 sales to people i don’t know in the last month.  it doesn’t seem like much, but a lot of people will go a LONG time before they make a sale – and considering my shop has only been open for 1.5 months, i’m happy with those sales.   i just need to find the time to continually promote my shop and watch my business grow!

the latest thing i’ve discovered are bnr/bns treasuries.  i’m still not quite clear on all the details or the language, but i’m sure i’ll figure it out.  i’m featured in my first one here:…

if you check it out, be sure to leave a comment that says katie/greenrock sent you.  if i get enough referrals, i’ll be featured in the 2nd round for free.  also, if you want to buy something from my shop – please use the coupon code bns10 for 10% off! 


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