too much hype makes things suck

i know i’m a little bit snobby in a hipster way when it comes to things becoming too popular, but i am so annoyed when something i used to like becomes so hyped up by the mainstream that it’s no longer enjoyable.

some examples include:

  • black friday shopping
  • facebook*
  • coldplay
  • flashmobs
  • superbowl commercials

let’s discuss the superbowl commercial phenomenon.   i remember back in the 90’s, joking about how i only watch the superbowl for the snacks and the commercials.  i also remember the commercials being very good, and the superbowl was actually the first time you saw them.  if you liked them, you would talk about them (bud–wise—er, wasssssabi!), but you didn’t hear about them endlessly on the local news.   maybe there would be a SNL parody or something.

it is just me or is too much attention paid to them now?  and although it’s brilliant marketing, it makes me uncomfortable that so many people can be sucked into the consumerism vortex and enjoy it.  how far it can this possibly go until people stop responding.  are we going to all be wearing nascar clothes a la “idiocracy” or have corporate sponsored schools like in max barry’s “jennifer government“?  i’d like to think that the human race won’t let this happen, but it’s a slippery slope.  people have already sold space on their bodies for companies to logo – and some dum-dums even do it for no compensation!   i have favorite brands like most people, but that doesn’t mean i’m going to permanently advertise for them on MY BODY.

i am probably looking at things way too seriously and should enjoy the good ads, since we’re subjected to them all and they are more entertaining than the bad ones.   i am just terrified of the day when corporations completely take over and humans are even more materialistic and shallow than they are now.

*still enjoyable, but way over-hyped


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