new site, new name, and why i heart amazon

yesterday i wanted to create a post about how much i love, but when i went to to create, the page was blank.  for 2 days.  i couldn’t access my blog at all.  so i decided to move the whole thing over to wordpress.  the name of my old blog (fluffy puffy puppy) was causing me to get too many unrelated google hits, so i decided i needed a new name.  of course my mind went blank.  i don’t know if this one will stick, so we’ll see.  i chose crunchy fluff for a few reasons.  1) i am a pretty crunchy person, as related to all things eco/green/sustainable  2) fluff is one of my favorite words – i like the way it sounds.  plus i am pretty fluffy, as are my doggies.  and the content of this site isn’t what one might call “academic”.  i kind of wanted to incorporate “rock” in there somehow, since it’s part of my name and i enjoy music, but i couldn’t make it work. ideas?  thoughts?

onto why i heart

  • they carry practically everything under the sun and nearly all products have comprehensive reviews
  • their prices are generally the cheapest
  • amazon mom is free to join and you get discounts and one month of free prime shipping for every $25 you spend in the baby store
  • free shipping on returns
  • easy access to past orders
  • “add to wish list” button

all of these things have made me a pretty loyal amazon customer, but the icing on the cake happened yesterday.  i was trying to return a $12 baby bottle that we didn’t need.  i went through the whole return process and when i hit submit, this little window popped up that said:

“Keep this item and receive a refund! It’s on us! As a valued customer, you don’t need to return this item to get a refund.”

WHAT?!?  have you ever, EVER, heard of another company doing something like this?  i sure haven’t.  it’s probably because of some business decision due to the cost of shipping, but how brilliant of them to word it as a valued customer benefit.

well played – for $12, you have created a customer for life!


One response to “new site, new name, and why i heart amazon

  • Angelo

    I came across this because the same thing happened to me with Amazon just now. Apparently they do that because it’s cheaper for them to just give you your money back than to actually process your return! I hope you put that bottle to good use somehow 🙂

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