utterly unmotivated

these past few months have been weird. i have absolutely no motivation for the following:

  • work
  • cleaning the house
  • working on house projects
  • exercising
  • being with friends
  • eating
  • shopping
  • crafts
  • computer games
  • internet surfing
  • watching tv or movies
  • reading
  • taking dogs to park

i just don’t want to do anything.  nothing fun, nothing satisfying, nothing indulgent. but i also don’t want to just lay around on the couch or sleep – that makes me feel even worse because the hours just go by so slowly.  i have never experienced this before for long periods of time.  i am normally SOO busy that my days fly by and i can’t fit everything that i want to do into them.  now it’s just the opposite.

i attribute most of it to being nauseous and/or tired all day, but i’m starting to wonder if some sort of depression is creeping up on me.  i don’t *think* i feel depressed.. but who knows. i’m going through so many changes with the pregnancy, maybe this is one of them?


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