17 days

yesterday j and i started the 17 day dietdr. phil and the doctors have been heavily promoting it and since j watches both of those shows daily, he suggested we try it.

both of us have gained 30-40 pounds since the wedding and it was starting to get out of control.  and since we’re trying to start a family, we figured that losing some weight might make it easier. starting a diet on january 1 is nothing new to me, but j has never been on a diet before.  this is the first time that i have been on a diet with a significant other, so maybe it will be easier?

we’ve been joking about it since we decided to try it.  and last week we ate like food was going out of style. i was convinced that j would back out at the last minute, especially since all he probably needs to do to lose weight is scale back his portions a bit.  but he didn’t, and now we’re on day two.

right now we’re in the 1st phase, which lasts 17 days.  it’s a detoxifying phase – we all know how fun those are.   we can eat: eggs, unlimited chicken/turkey/fish, unlimited veggies, 2 low sugar fruits, green tea, black coffee, and 2 probiotic yogurts a day. 

yesterday was tough.  we were both cranky from sugar withdrawal and hungry.  j is not the biggest fan of veggies or fish, but he’s being a trooper. j couldn’t get over the fact that he ate huge plate of salmon and veggies, yet didn’t feel full and satisfied.  welcome to dieting, baby.

today was a little better, although i had to go to costco to get some greek yogurt and chicken breasts and it was so hard to pass up all of the samples.  once the withdrawal symptoms go away, i’m sure it will be much easier.

both of us feel better already – i have more energy and we each lost a few pounds this morning.

i’m hoping that by having j’s support on this,  and being able to cook for both of us and not have to sit there starving while he devours a huge plate of spaghetti, it will work and i can finally get down to a normal weight.

wish us luck!


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