boring blog = boring life?

a friend recently told me that my blogs have become way less interesting since i started dating jared. i do not deny this. fortunately, boring blogs don’t mean that i have a boring life, it just means that i have less time to write about it.

when i was single, i didn’t have someone to listen to my rants in person. i didn’t have someone to tell about my day every night. now that i do, it seems like it’s too much effort to post it here as well. i don’t feel the need to get it out anymore.

plus there’s facebook.

it’s been hectic lately. i fell like time is zooming by. work has been having me travel to albuquerque and salt lake city 2 times per month. we have our house on the market and are fixing up the destroyed rental. the wedding is only 6 months away and i am trying to keep the planning on schedule. and the stress of having too much weight and not enough money are really starting to show.

and as wonderful as it is to live with j, sometimes the things we do are not always in my best interest. like when i should be going to the gym, yet i am sucked into some dumb show j is watching on animal planet. or i should be cooking some healthy meal, but agree with j that we should order pizza. or i should be not spending money, yet drop $200 on a new GPS because j doesn’t have one. he is able to help me justify all my bad decisions. he adds an extra layer of needed will-power to do something good.

of course, we have had several discussions lately where he has been made aware of this. but ultimately, it is not his problem – it’s still my (bad) decisions. so i’m stepping up. going to the gym. cooking a healthy meal. and he has started to become very supportive, even willing to start changing some of his habits.

we’ll get it figured out, and i can stop making excuses.


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