i heart freebies

some cool girl put together this site full of freebies that she’s personally tried out – no more sifting through loads of crappy links to find out that you actually have to purchase something to get your “free” sample!

the pink wallet


One response to “i heart freebies

  • Heidi

    Oooh. That’s cool. I need all the free I can get right now 🙂 We will definately get together during my sad unemployment stint. I’ll NEED to get out of the house. Today I have some errands to run and I’m going to start preparing for my interview and then tomorrow I HAVE the interview so let’s play it by ear. I’m hoping for the phone interview to turn into a real interview. IF that’s the case I need to go shopping. I need a new interview outfit for sure. I’ll keep you filled in! Cross your fingers for me! 🙂

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