walkway fairy

i bundled up this morning to shovel off the 4″ of snow from my walkway. and when i stepped outside, my walk had already been shoveled and sprinkled with ice melt! even the path that went around to the back yard (which i never bother doing).

i thought it was my new *boyfriend* j and got all excited because what a sweet thing to do for me, right? but when i texted him to say thank you, he said it wasn’t him. i have no idea who else it could have been, but it made my day!

so um, yeah, that’s right, i said boyfriend. j came over last night and made me dinner. i was supposed to go to his house, but since i hadn’t been feeling well, he came over to me instead. the boy made HOMEMADE pasta and a delicious HOMEMADE sauce. he also brought over salad with croûtons and HOMEMADE ranch dressing, bread, wine, and sparkling water. and movies. and treats for the doggies. and it was DELICIOUS.

after dinner he asked me if he could call me his girlfriend because he wants to be my boyfriend. how cute is that? i told him that i would think about it – because although i am not seeing anyone else, i haven’t had a “boyfriend” since si.. and so i need to get used to the idea. he said he was smitten with me.

i’m going to let him woo me for as long as i can. it’s nice having someone smitten with you.


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