operation "eek a mouse", day one, failure

i had an exterminator come out to take a look at my mouse problem. they want $600 to spray some “pet safe” chemical (is there such a thing?) outside my house and then trap the mice.

i decided that i would try to do it myself first. since i can’t use poison (due to the doggies eating anything in sight, potentially including poisoned mice), i bought a bunch of old school spring loaded mouse traps. last night i baited them and put them all over the kitchen floor, expecting to face several dead mice in the morning.


my friend thinks it’s because i used organic almond butter. it was a toss up between that and laughing cow spreadable cheese. it’s all i had.

“them mice ain’t that high-falootin’! you need to git yerself some skippy loaded with trans-fat! or better yet, some cheese-whiz!”


2 responses to “operation "eek a mouse", day one, failure

  • Stacey Peterson

    hehe… i know your pain. we had a mouse living in the garage last month – i bought those decon traps that have the poison inside them (the mouse has to go in to get the peanut butter, then it closes on them so you don’t have to see dead mouse when they get caught) and put them under some shelves along the walls where i knew bailey couldn’t dig them out. it took 4 nights to finally catch the thing, but i did get him! $600 is insane!!

  • Dizzy Ms. Lizzy

    I HATE MICE!But $600 to get rid of them? Not bloody likely – – I agree with Stacey, the D-Con traps are the way to go. Good luck!

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