a new me

so my dear friend seth has decided to take it upon himself to be my personal trainer. which is AWESOME. we’ve been meeting at the gym every morning and doing the workouts that he planned for me. i’m not too concerned that they’re from men’s health – i’m just glad that i have someone holding me accountable for working out!

it’s nice. i like working out. especially with a friend. i’ve always gone to the gym, but i think that i haven’t really been working out to my full potential. these work outs are pushing me and i’m hoping that i’ll actually see results. i’m so sore now that i can barely get out of my chair!

i have a ton of motivation this time. not only is my brothers wedding in 6 months, but in the past few weeks i have heard from 2 friends that guys they know have told them that i would be really hot if i lost a few pounds. it was hard for me to hear, but also necessary and motivating. one of those things that i always knew but never wanted to acknowledge that other people knew as well.

so that’s been consuming a lot of my time. i’ve also been watching a lot of movies lately since they’re free from the library and i don’t have cable. oh, and i’ve decided not to say anything to my friend. the more i think about it, the more i feel like it would be a bad idea. i think i know the answer and i don’t want to risk anything. being friends is good for me right now. i have other things to concentrate on.


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