cutting out the extra

2008 is going to be a busy year. between my regular job and my soon-to-get second job and 2 MBA classes that meet 3 nights a week and 2 puppies to take care of and the 20 pounds i need to lose, i don’t think i’ll have a whole lot of extra time.

which is why i decided to see if i could survive without owning cable this year. i’m on the phone with comcast right now waiting to cancel it.

my cable is costing me $75 a month (with HD and DVR and all the good necessities). and i don’t really watch it that much – it’s background noise, really.

so by canceling, i will save $900 this year. it’s a start.

i don’t think i will be too deprived. i still have netflix and my playstation and the internet (which my company pays for). i think that you can watch most shows online now anyway – and my friend seth is going to hook up my computer to my tv so that i can watch it on the big screen.

i will be giving up a little bit of convenience, but i think i’ll be ok and actually turn out enlightened from the process.


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