bone machine

today at my favorite grocery store, sunflower market, i purchased a bunch of ingredients to make 5 vegan casserole and/or crock pot delights. this is my first actual foray into the vegan lifestyle, which i was convinced was probably the way to go when i read “skinny bitch”.
there is a mushroom “tuna” (how chickpeas can substitute for tuna i have no idea) casserole in the oven. i will let you know how it turns out.

i also purchased 2 ~8″ ham bones for the puppers. they each received a bone at approximately 5pm. it is now 6:03pm, and while kitsu has been chewing on her bone at an appropriate rate as pictured below..

burton somehow misunderstood the assignment.

i took it away from him as soon as i realized what he did – i don’t think that it’s good for him to have eaten the bone. hopefully it will pass without incident – the last thing i need it another trip to the vet. 😦


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