i blew off a date tonight

we were supposed to meet for tapas and drinks at 8 tonight. around 4 pm, i decided i didn’t really feel like going out tonight and didn’t think i could muster the pre-requisite First Date Enthusiasm.

i have exchanged a few emails with this guy and he seems nice enough, but i just haven’t gotten excited about the pictures he sent me. and there was nothing in the emails that made me particularly intrigued. honestly, i was just giving him a chance because my friend jess told me i should maybe think about taking more chances on guys that may not fit my ideal. just give them a shot, she said, if anything, at least you’ll get a free dinner.

but after suffering through my last “just give them a shot” guy on saturday, i am a little gun shy.

so i sent him a text asking for a raincheck and apologized. at first i had the best intentions to actually cash it in.. and then i decided to myspace him. you know, just to see if there were any other pictures that made me a little more excited.

when i scrolled down the profile, i realized that i had probably just saved myself from sitting through another bad date.

height: 5’4″

that would explain the line in his email “..and i really dig short girls!”

i am 5’3″ and i am short for a girl. and although i have lowered my height requirement down from the standard 6′, to “at least a couple inches taller than me when i’m in heels”, 5’4″ just doesn’t cut it.

i know this is shallow, but i also know that i will not be attracted to him. especially since there wasn’t really a mental connection there in the first place.

so i figure i did us both a favor. i saved him some money and i saved me some time.

and i’ve decided that i want to go back to my old style of dating – only go out with someone if i am excited about them, not just for the sake of going out. i would rather spend the night at home than out somewhere trying to make conversation with someone i’m not into.

besides, 24phd came over last night and we made out like teenagers – so there.


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