creepy craigslist personal ads

just a few i came across today.. are these people for real??

these are from the M4W section in denver.

Have You Ever Been To An XXX Theater? – 51
This has been a fantasy of mine and I think it would be pleasant to meet a lady who was comfortable enough with the subject to actually look at this as an enjoyable experience. Sorry is that offends you but I think one should do everything in life that intrigues us.What do you think?
I’ve been told that I am handsome, distinguished, communicative and sometimes erotic. Let’s do this if you are the woman who is going to go with me.

eew. on a FIRST date? hmm.. wants to go to an XXX movie theater (do those even still exist?) yet is only “sometimes” erotic.

420-Booze-Food-Nice Place, all I need is you – 35
Let’ meet at my place
Sex will be optional and up to you
I am a nice white guy
Divorced, no kids, sexy

apparently all i need are no standards.

Personal Priorities
I need 1 woman to love.

well, i guess he could be asking for 2 women.

WTG? – 43
This cant be that hard. Iam looking to meet outgoing, headstrong women that dont have ex-issues. Will send pic for pic. I could write a book on what i like in women, but just no time to be online.

WTF is WTG? guess who he just broke up with. a shy, passive woman with “ex-issues”.

Married and lonely for the holidays – m4w – 40
I AM A MARRIED BLACK MALE with children. My marriege has been over for a long time. Why do I stay? because I have kids that I can not leave and financial reasons. Therefore I am looking for a women that can relate and may be in the same situation. I want to be with someone that needs intimacy, and a great listner. Also note, I give great hugs and massages. I consider my self a helpless romantic. I love to travel, eat good food, and drink Red Wine. Also note, I am not looking for a one night encounter. However I do LOVE TO EAT PUSSY so if you want to get licked right get with me. PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT DESPERATE I DON’T WANT TO JOIN SOMEONE’S CHAT LINE OR A DATING SITE SO PLEASE DON’T EMAIL THOSE LINKS. NO GAMES PLEASE.

“may be” his “marriege” has been over because his wife disagrees that he “licks right”.  please note that he is not desperate.

man seeking much older women – 29
im 29 6ft 200lbs. very attractive(really), nice body. Im not a freak. Just a normal sensitive, funny, laidback guy. I really want to please a older women between 50-70. Ill lick you, rub you, ad have sex with you. Just a one or three time thing. Nothing serious, just fun. Come on I know women still want it at that age. Dont be shy drop me a line. Maybe we can have a nooner today!

oh no, you’re not a freak (really).

and this is why i no longer look for dates on craigslist.


2 responses to “creepy craigslist personal ads

  • Two Date Diva

    Wow, these are classic. Precisely why I stay away from Craig’s list. But on the other hand at least they didn’t try to hide the crazy, they all seems proud of it!

  • Shannon

    People on Craigslist aren’t looking to date. At least not by our definition of “date.” I have this on good authority from a casual acquaintance who meets all his sexual partners on Craigslist. I hate people who spell “woman” meaning a single woman in the plural — “women.” Seriously, why is it so complicated? It’s just like with the abbreviated version of woman — “man” for one and “men” for more than one.

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