it’s big, but not THAT big

so this chilly sunday night, i’m sitting in my big comfy chair catching up on my blog reading, with a bowl of hamburger helper (lasagna flavor*), watching really bad celebrity tv on VH1.

i had a better night planned, i swear. movie night. 2nd date with the boy, who shall now be named 24phd** who didn’t even flinch when we ran into my ex friday night. movie night was his idea, even. and i don’t think it’s because he’s lazy. but this afternoon i received a text from 24phd saying that his boss needs him to work on a grant that is due tomorrow and he’s so sorry but he has to go to the lab and can’t do movie night.

no biggie. at least i didn’t have to clean the house. and we’ve rescheduled for tomorrow.

at any rate, there is about a foot of space between me and the edge of my big comfy chair. a foot of space that my 85 pound malamute has deluded himself into thinking he can fit into. every time i’m in the chair. i get the paw first.. and the look like “hi mom, whatcha doing? what? i’m just standing here!”. then the second paw.. and the third and fourth. so he’s standing in the foot of space facing the back of the chair. but he can’t just lay down in that position. no, burton likes to be facing the tv, of course. so he turns, sticking his big ass right in my face and tries to lay down sideways, as in across my lap. this doesn’t work so well when i also have a computer in my lap (and his ass has automatically sent a few emails before they were ready and shut down a few programs unsaved). so i push him over and he gives me an exasperated sigh and a look that says “will you please move so that i will be more comfortable?” and then kicks me trying to get his legs to fit in the space.

this has become an hourly ritual. because after about 15 minutes, he decides he needs a drink of water or has to go pee or needs to take a toy away from kitsu. then he comes back to resume the position. sometimes kitsu will feel left out and want to join the party too. she usually jumps up and sits on burtons head. i want to get a picture, but once they’re in the chair, i’m pretty stuck.

it’s nice in the winter though – at least the side of my legs stays warm.

and if you want to see a really cute video of a puppy that could be burton’s twin, go here.

*made with almond milk because i’m trying to cut down on my dairy intake after reading “skinny bitch“.
**who is of course, 24 yrs old (i like me some young ones!) AND 2 years away from a phd in a ridiculously difficult medical research field.


2 responses to “it’s big, but not THAT big

  • Two Date Diva

    My cat and I play this game a lot. (Of course she is not 85lbs.) She loves to sit in my lap and watch TV,and if the laptop is in the way, she justs lays down on the keyboard. I have learned a lot about asking for (demanding) what I want from my cat.;)

  • Shannon

    Hee, that’s funny. Of course I had to go check out that video and just spent 15 minutes watching all the Nukka/Freya videos, a couple more than once…

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