i have enough friends

which is why i’ve decided that boys i’ve dated/hooked up with/wanted to date are no longer going to be allowed inside my circle.

i used to think that it was better to have a guy i was into as a friend than not have him in my life at all. but lately i’ve realized all it does is drive me crazy. i’ve noticed that i treat them differently. if a purely platonic guy friend cancels plans with me or can’t go out because he has a date, i don’t care and think nothing of it. if a non-purely platonic friend does the same thing, i get irritated, sad, and annoyed at them and myself for letting them make me feel that way. having them around reminds me that they didn’t want to date me and just makes me feel bad about myself, which is not good for my normally high self esteem. i can’t ever get over them because they have a constant presence. and i have to deal with seeing them with other girls, which is pure torture.

so i’ve decided to hell with them. if they don’t want to date me, then they don’t get the privilege of being part of my life. is this selfish? probably. but i know that i don’t handle jealousy well, and so that should be something that i should avoid bringing into my life.


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