emotional rollercoaster

dating. when it’s good it’s fantastic, and when it’s bad it’s awful.

i liked this guy. he liked me. then i wasn’t sure. and he wasn’t sure. and we decided to just be friends, but maybe date down the road – play it by ear. and we’re friends and all is good. so why do i have a pit in my stomach when i find out (not from him) that’s he’s in a relationship now. i shouldn’t care. why do i care? did i like him more than i thought i did? too late now.

at the same time, i have a total crush on another guy. and i think he likes me back. it’s at that stage right now where we’ve hung out a couple of times, nothing has been defined, but something is definitely there. i have the best time when i’m with him and when i’m not with him i think about him and all i can think about is when i’m going to see him again, which drives me nuts because i can’t concentrate on anything else. i hate dwelling.

and i want off before i hurl.


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