this is why he’s my best friend

my friend m is absolutely awesome. one of the many awesome things about him is that he housesits and watches burton for me when i’m out of town. they have a special bond.

yesterday i told him that i’m expecting a somewhat odd package. it’s actually a package of live worms for this pet-poo worm composter that i just got. i asked him to put the worms in the garage so that they didn’t get too hot before i got home, and if he felt up to it, he could even put them in the composter for me. very odd request, i know, but in true m fashion, he rolled with it.

so i get a call from him tonight.

“hey what’s up.. so you got a package today. but it’s not worms. it’s a dog collar”

“what? a dog collar? i didn’t order a dog collar…? what does it look like?”

“it’s black.”

“hmm. for a big dog or a small dog?”

“a big dog.”

so i’m racking my brain trying to remember if i ordered a dog collar. and then it hit me.

he was describing the heart rate monitor that i had ordered.

and that’s why i love him. he always keeps me laughing, even when it’s not intentional!


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