i get more action when i dress like a boy

so i was thinking back to some of the more entertaining nights of the last few months. and they all have one thing in common. i get hit on exponentially more when i’m dressed like a boy*. example: long sleeve undershirt, tight band tshirt, cords or ripped jeans, and trendy running shoes. maybe a leather necklace thing. nothing fussy with my hair. simple, but good makeup. those are the nights i’m pretty much guaranteed some action. is it because i’m more comfortable that way? more approachable? not trying too hard? it is an awesome discovery, and gives me much more faith in guys (or at least the ones I want to associate with!).

*obviously i don’t LOOK like a boy since my big ass boobs pretty much give me away.


2 responses to “i get more action when i dress like a boy

  • Shannon

    Guys don’t like it when chicks are all over-done looking. I mean, I’m sure some must, because those chicks have men in their lives, but ask most guys, and they’re like, “I like girls who can hang out and be casual and don’t spend too much time on their hair.” That’s why you get more action that way.

  • Chris Bucka

    It’s got to be the down to earth aura, and I suppose you’d be more relaxed, too. I’ve always said the hottest outfits a woman can wear rank as so:#3- Gym Clothes#2- PJ’sand #1- Overalls! (I don’t know why)

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