to answer everyone’s questions

since i’m super bad at responding to individual emails when i have a ton of stuff going on.

* yes, i did get the job! my last day is march 10th and i start on the 14th. my title is account executive and the company is an environmental laboratory. i will be the sales rep for the rocky mountain region, covering colorado, wyoming, new mexico, and utah. i get to work from home, the base salary is good and the commission potential is super high! my current company is sad to see me go, but they recognize what a great opportunity this is for me.

*no, i did not get my nose pierced. i really wanted to, but didn’t want to risk alienating new clients before they got to know me. i lost my magnetic ones in vegas, so i might get some more just to wear out cause they’re fun.

*yes, i did have fun in vegas. it rocked! i lost a lot of money, but made up for it in other ways.

*no, i have not gotten my mini or puppy yet. eta for the mini is the end of april, and the earliest i would get the puppy is probably may.

*yes, si found an apartment. he moved out last weekend. he still has some things at the house that he needs to move over. i am very happy to have the house to myself.

*yes, sonic is prickly. i hold him with a towel – but once he’s used to me, i should be able to hold him without it.

umm, i think i got them all!


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