just call me martha

i need to get curtains for my living room. mostly because my energy bill is over $200 and it’s fucking freezing in there, but also to have a little privacy since i will be living there alone shortly.

the new color scheme for my living room is going to be chocolate brown and turquoise. because i just love that color combination – and now i can do whatever i want! so i spent saturday scouring everywhere for chocolate brown curtains. you’d think that would be an easy thing to find. well it’s not.

then it dawned on me. hey, i have a sewing machine*. i can MAKE my own damn curtains! it just so happens that the first site to pop up in google when you type “how to make curtains” is a discount decorator fabric store in denver. if that’s not a sign. so i went over there yesterday and spent $50 on this awesome chocolate brown velvet-type material and some turquoise/brown houndstooth material for the border and tabs. i finished one panel yesterday – and i daresay it’s not half bad! of course the stitches could be straighter.. and since i’ve never had a sewing class, i have no idea if i made any huge errors. but who cares, it’s not like i’m planning on entering a county fair anytime soon!

now i just have 5 more panels to go. anyone want to start a betting pool on how long it will take me to get fed up, scrap the project, and settle for something from bed, bath & beyond?

*si: “but, you said you wanted a sewing machine!?!?” me: “well yeah, but not as a christmas present from my BOYFRIEND!”


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