screw having a theme for all my blog entries. this is just a random update.
i’m actually going to call my new car pepe. not zippy. pepe is fun to say. and the black racing stripes are like a reverse skunk.
busy weekend. drinking friday. show on saturday. met someone saturday who actually ended up already being a myspace friend and neither of us knew it. that was kind of trippy, but fun. riding sunday – beautiful weather, no traffic, good company. can’t complain.
decided i’m going to get an alaskan malamute puppy. they’re so cute i can hardly stand it! here is the breeder i’m looking at. they’ll have a litter ready in august. i’m going to see if i can find one in a shelter before then.
simon is being a jackass. i might have to get a lawyer because he just tried to pull the “everything you own is now half mine” card. not sure it applies to things i got before the “marriage”. irritating. he hasn’t moved out yet and i fear it’s going to be a few more weeks before i get my house back.
i have another interview in a couple weeks. it’s a 2nd interview. very excited. cross your fingers for me!


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