i’m shocked

ok, so maybe i’m just too old and out of the loop, but i just found out the other day what this hand gesture means:
i think i’m doing it right. anyway.

am i the only one that had never heard of the shocker?*
is it just a really well kept guy secret?
and why am i seeing it EVERYWHERE now?

i think us women need to retaliate with our own secret hand signal that we can flash in crazy drunken pictures.

i propose: the vise

what do ya think?


11 responses to “i’m shocked

  • Erin

    I’ve heard of the shocker, but I didn’t know that *everyone* did it. I just thought it was semething really stupid that Will’s Subaru friends did all the time. Those boys love to “throw a shocker down” and snap a picture. yeah, boys are dumb.

  • Shannon

    So… from someone older and (apparently) more out of the loop than you… what the hell DOES it mean???

  • kt

    shannon – do a google search for “shocker” and you’ll figure it out. =)

  • Aarwenn

    The Shocker!Yes, that’s a good one, There’s also the one in which a guy will bend his arms at the elbow, make two fists facing each other, and pump them in the air a few times.Yes, that would be double fisting.And kt, what’s the vice? I’m looking at it and although I can see some uses, I’m curious what you originally thought.

  • S.L. Peterson

    So, I’d heard of it and knew it was something crude, but thanks to google I’m fully enlightened now. Fabulous – the next time I see a 12 year old making that gesture i’m going to be disturbed…

  • Kat

    Yeah, we need pictures so that we know exactly what you mean about the vice. I have several ideas, but I really need to know which one is right. No really, I need to know. 🙂

  • kt

    ok, so “the vice” didn’t photograph too well – because i was trying to photograph myself, and with the angles, etc. so stick up your two fingers with the thumb behind like a claw. let’s just say that the thumb will serve the same purpose as the shocker pinky, and the two fingers can be squeezed around a um, rather sensitive area, much like a vice. make sense now?

  • M.Thom

    I think you might mean “vise…”As in “vise grip?”Off to Google “shocker” now…

  • M.Thom

    Hmmm…totally didn’t know that. Well, I am just glad that the “images” weren’t more, um, graphic.

  • lou

    Here’s an easier way to describe the ‘shocker’.”Two in the pink and one in the stink”…. Get it now?And yes, I did indeed hear a high school teahcer yell this and make the gesture at a ‘teacher party’ my Mom threw at the beginning of the year….That’s disturbing in itself.-Tenacious

  • Shannon

    Ewww. I’m so traumatized now.

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