parking karma

last week a friend planned a girls night out at her friends new boutique in cherry creek for some after hours shopping and wine. it was a random group of girls – about 10 of us. some i knew, most i didn’t.

after finding a great parking spot, i went to the ticket machine to pay for my parking. there was this woman there who was trying to pay, but the machine wouldn’t read her card. after several tries, she let me go ahead of her. i had no problems with my card, and printed out a $1 ticket. i then offered it to her since her card wasn’t working. at first she wouldn’t accept, and insisted on trying another card, which also didn’t work. again i said, “please, just take this one, i’ll print another, it’s no biggie, i promise!” and she finally accepted, with many thanks.

i walked over to the shop and wouldn’t you know it, the parking woman was there and was telling everyone the story and when i walked up, said “that’s the girl!”. she ended up being my friend’s best-friend that i hadn’t met yet.

i couldn’t have made a better first impression if i tried. and now i have one more kick-ass girl to add to my circle!


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