i think i’m kind of intense

and i don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing… i like to think of it as just being open and honest and not playing games, but i wonder sometimes if it freaks people out. not that i would change, just a kind of self-realization that i’ve had lately.

and also, how is it possible for me to be so comfortable with people that are essentially strangers, yet so uncomfortable with some people that have known me a long time.

maybe i’m just not comfortable with my true self. or maybe i just need to meet more people like me.


5 responses to “i think i’m kind of intense

  • Anonymous

    Intense? Intense? Well, perhaps. But it’s a Fluffy, Puffy, Puppy intensity! To intentionally seek out those more like you will be an exercise in disappointment until you are comfortable with your true self. Comfort will naturally occur with those that truly know you.The Oracle

  • Caryn

    Maybe if they’re strangers you don’t care what they think, but if you know and like them, and have developed a bond with them, you are worried about disappointing them. I get that way, too. Or maybe it’s a gemini thing?

  • ramblin' girl

    sometimes easier to be yourself with strangers. they haven’t gotten accostumed to you as you were years or decades ago.

  • kt

    i think you guys are right.. and maybe i unwittengly alienate older friends because i’m constantly changing and frequently find myself having nothing in common with them.. but lots to talk about with new friends who share my current interests..

  • Anonymous

    Drawing from your permanent interests, you will find your permanent friends. But recognize that no relationship is static, including your relationship with yourself. What feels better, a new blouse or an old favorite sweatshirt? Both are good in their own way.The Oracle

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