only 81 more games to go..

si is a huge hockey nut. his team of choice, of course, is the avs. but he’ll watch just about any game that’s on. i even caught him watching a repeat of the 1996 stanley cup last winter when he was going through withdrawal.

the only reason we have kept our cable subscription is for the altitude sports network.

i like hockey too. but i prefer going to the games or watching the game at a bar. which is why i was a little put out last night when si dug my avs jersey out of the winter clothes box in the basement, threw it to me while i was trying to have a chat meeting with my marketing group and said “hurry, put this on quick!”. as soon as i put it on, the avs scored.

he’s convinced that i’m the reason they lost since i went to bed (thus removing the jersey) before the game was over.

it’s going to be a long season.


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