home again

i just got back from another sampling trip where i got to see my old college roommate and her adorable baby. this kid is something else – she is gigantic for her age! she was nearly 11 pounds when she was born. now she’s 7 months old and is already wearing 12-18 mo clothes and has 4 teeth. she’s always happy and sleeps a lot. her mom is one of my best friends and one of the most laid back, happy-go-lucky people i know, so i’ve decided that her luck of having such a great baby is just reimbursement of all the good karma she’s spread over the years.

anyhow, my friend works in the lab at a winery, which sounds like a great job to me! she took me on a private tour of the wine process and lab, and bought me several reserve bottles. niiiiice.

carrying them back home on the plane was fun…especially when the handle on the box broke and i had to wrestle the box, my laptop bag, and my freaking huge suitcase out to the car.

anyhow, it was a good work trip. my coworker ended up being cool, which makes things so much easier. he’s the bassist in a seattle band called dope smoothie. check them out if you like ween or the pixies.

i’m excited for the weekend – we’re going to party it up at the great american beer festival. just hoping i don’t drop my glass!


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