my stress levels have been cut in half

because…si got a new job!

he works in the ski industry and his old job was seasonal..which meant that he had to scramble every april to find summer jobs. sometimes he did, sometimes he didn’t.. which left me to be the sole breadwinner, which is a pretty stressful position, especially with a brand new mortgage.

anyhow, his old boss has been promoted and so he interviewed for the vacant position and just found out today that it’s his. it’s year-round and salaried and a management position, which will be great for his career. plus we’ll still get all the great ski perks! hello free demo board rentals all season – whoo hoo!

i’m so glad that we’ve upgraded from SINK to DINK*!

*is this a term used other places besides yuppie colorado? also reminds me that there’s a place called the dinky dairy on the way to buena vista. i always giggle when we pass it.


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