life’s a beach

h’allo from the cayman islands!

yes, i am writing a blog entry while on vacation. see, i left my ipod charger at work and didn’t realize it until the night before we left. the only other way i have to charge my ipod is through my laptop, so i brought it along. i turned on my computer to charge my ipod and low and behold, realized i had a wifi connection!

and seeing as though i’ve spent the last week crisping up on the beach, i decided to stay inside in the a/c for awhile, since that’s also something i can’t do at home.

anyhow, here’s what i step outside to every morning.

nice, innit?
our condo is right on seven mile beach. we’re lucky enough to have some great snorkeling right outside the door, so i bought some flippers and a mask and have been exploring. today we went to the turtle farm where we got to hold some sea turtles.

they were also breeding baby turtles – so cute!

then we went to hell

we’re only half way through our two week trip, although i’m starting to get worried about returning to real life! we are planning to do some organized snorkeling trips and visit stingray city. si also wants to try scuba – i would too, but i’m under doctors orders not to.. at least until my allergy crap clears up.

i think i could easily live on an island.. now i only have to figure out how to becoming independently wealthy…


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