i want to tivo real life

because then i could

– fast forward through my commute

– pause my lunch hour so that i can actually have some time to shop at kohls for new bras without caring if i get stuck behind two stay at home moms and their snotty/tan/skinny 16 year old daughters who aren’t in school because they have the summer off; who don’t care that i have to be back at the office in 2 minutes and probably can’t even fathom what having to go to work every day is like because their rich husbands just hand them money and let them shop all day.

– fast forward through the unbearable propaganda videos that i’m forced to watch in my mba class (am i the *only* liberal business person??)

hell, who am i kidding – i would just fast forward through my entire work week and do the weekends in slow-mo, record my best memories and forever delete the crappy ones*.

*unless a valuable lesson was learned, in which case they should probably stick around.


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