happy birthday fuzz!

today is my brothers 23rd birthday.

the little bugger is in vegas right now celebrating.

however, he did just get a new grown up job, and will soon realize the horrors of working through the summer.. mwhahahaha!


3 responses to “happy birthday fuzz!

  • ramblin' girl

    you didn’t get invited to the birthday debauchery?happy b-day kt’s lil bro!

  • kt

    nope. since i have this job thing, he doesn’t even bother anymore. ah well.. what goes around and all that. =)

  • Aarwenn

    Hey, so is this the brother that is moving to Tacoma, and if so, who is he working for, and is he single, and does he need a nice girl to show him around? 🙂 It’s true that you have no idea what I look like, but I have a great personality–surely that’s all that matters?HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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