birthday wishes from my bro

so i know my baby brother reads my blog.

well, he’s not really a baby anymore.. since he’s 22, a foot taller than me, just graduated college, and has an adorable girlfriend. i am so proud!

anyhow, he sent me the best birthday card*!

it said…

on the front – “for your birthday, sis, let me give you some advice mom gave me…

on the inside – “i sure as hell won’t be using it!”

thanks for the laugh, fuzz!

*except for the cheap shot he wrote about how close I was to 30


3 responses to “birthday wishes from my bro

  • ramblin' girl

    that’s great! that’s what brothers are for! my brothers often are sweet, but of course have to have that added little jab to make sure I know they still have brotherly jerk tendencies despite the sweetness.

  • Aarwenn

    I want a little brother!I’m an only child. This may explain my addiction to my IIFs.

  • Jessica

    Very cute!My little brother, thus far, has not sent me any similarly sentimental missives for my birthday, nor has he given me the dig (which is good, since I’m 8 years older than him, and he’s JUST turned 20).Thanks for tagging me. Oy. For someone who enjoys creative writing, I was not NEARLY as clever as you. C’est la vie…

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