it’s my birthday and i’ll snooze if i want to

so this is the first time i’ve ever gone to work on my birthday. and i’m not thrilled about it.

growing up, a summer birthday always guaranteed that i wouldn’t have to go to school.

when i entered the work force, i couldn’t bear to give up my free birthday days. for 3 years i was able to take a personal day or, ahem, call in sick. then last year it fell on a sunday (which was also fathers day, but that’s a WHOLE other story for another day).

this year my vacation is all wrapped up in the 2 week cayman island vacay i have planned for august. (which i’m not complaining about at all – although a rant about only having 2 freakin’ weeks of vacation a year will probably show up on this blog in the near future). and i already took a (legimitate) sick day last monday, so..

do adults play down their birthday because they really don’t care, or because they think they should? everyone must get a little twinge of excitement on their birthday – why squeltch it?

i know getting older is a little depressing (HELLO late twenties here!). and i can’t tell my boss “um, i don’t really want to complete this report for you today, because it’s my birthday and well, i just don’t feel like it”.

even though getting older isn’t a picnic, your birthday is still your day and you should milk it for all it’s worth. when else can you get a free dessert?

so happy birthday to me

and may the rest of my quickly dwindling 20’s slow down so i can enjoy them!


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