tinkle tinkle

while in the restroom at work (yes, i know, i’ve broken my 2 ground rules. whatever), i was startled to hear the women in the stall next to me start talking really loudly.

was she talking to me?

wait. was she talking on a cell phone. while peeing???

yes. yes she was.

and that means that the person she was talking to could hear me doing my biznes. since this was a restroom, and not a phone booth, i didn’t feel particulary bad or embarrassed, but i was a bit taken aback. especially since it’s a small bathroom with only 3 stalls in a small office building. not like it was at a bar or something, you know?

then i hear her say “oh that? i’m in a public restroom”

i would have told them i was near a serenity fountain.

but then the flush would have probably given it away.


3 responses to “tinkle tinkle

  • ramblin' girl

    Hysterical! Women in my building do that, too… I absolutely do not understand why they can’t wait 2 minutes to call someone back?!And what’s with guys always going to the bathroom together to discuss business? I certainly do not want to go stand next to some woman colleague with my pants down discussing some project!

  • GlitterGlamGirl05

    The same thing happened to me today! I thought I was hearing thing. I mean it take somewhere around 2 minutes to pee. Just call them back. It can’t be that important.

  • Kelly

    I have issues with people talking to ME in the restroom. I work in IT and whenever I go to the restroom outside of my department, I always have someone start asking me some computer question…this is just wrong! Oh and one time I was in the lockerroom at the gym and some girl was on her cell phone…in the stall…doing NUMBER TWO!!

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