i fell out of bed last night.
actually, i was pushed.

see, si sleeps in kind of a rotated “v” shape, with his head and feet on his side of the bed and his butt on my side of the bed.

the problem is that i sleep the same way.

so when we’re, well, butted up against each other, the bed becomes too small.

apparently si thought i was crowding him, because he kept nudging me over until..


me, sleepily rubbing my head while si frantically asks if i’m ok: “you know, i could sleep on the couch if that’s the way you feel”

he felt horribly bad about the whole ordeal.

i will milk it for all it’s worth.

JOKINGLY, of course.


One response to “thud

  • Ms. Pan

    I just had to check out your blog when you commented on mine…and if your boyfriend’s name is Simon, the coincidences are quite funny. Not scary, because I know at least three other English Simons, but still! I’ve had the khaki, car keys conversation many times…!

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