where’s ty pennington when you need him?

we live in a crappy apartment complex.
oh sure, it looks nice on the website – in the same way that b
ritney looks good on her album cover.
suffice it to say that we’re essentially living in a mold infested college dorm.

we decided to buy a house. after days of looking at Houses In Our Price Range (aka Crack Houses), we found one that we love. a 1932 1 bedroom bungalow, with a den and basement and great backyard! it needed a little bit of work, but we were so happy that it was actually livable with all the essentials like floors and walls and a dead squrrel-free kitchen.

once we bought the house, all flaws became glarengly obvious. how will we fit our clothes in these closets? this one-butt kitchen needs to be at least a butt and a half. hey, what’s that big burn mark on the hardwood floor? wow, is all this electrical work original?
we decided that we’d do some remodeling.

the closet was first. we thought: “we just have to knock down a wall, build a new wall, add a light and a door, paint it and we’re good to go! this should only take 1, 2 weekends at the most”.
we quickly discovered that the real world is not the same as an episode of trading spaces.

we started the project by heading to home depot and got out of there 4 1/2 hours and several hundred dollars later.

it’s been three weeks and the closet still isn’t done.

list of major items that still need to be done in the 7 weeks before we move in
– old coal chimney knocked out
– 2 doorways removed
– new appliances and cabinets installed in kitchen (including a dishwaster, which currently doesn’t exist)
– moulding in bedroom replaced
– walls in every room painted

it’s totally worth it.


One response to “where’s ty pennington when you need him?

  • Jessica

    First of all, “It’s urban and it’s fun!’ is the LAMEST slogan for an apartment complex. Ever. I can just hear them in their marketing meeting, looking at a picture of the building…Boss: ‘Well, what do we want to say about Building 12318768, team? It’s got to be good…something catchy!’Stone-faced silence all around the table.Overly literal dork assistant: ‘Um…it’s…Denver. Big city in Colorado…it’s, URBAN!’Boss: ‘No shit…next!’Overly peppy assistant, slightly ditzy: ‘It’s urban…and…it’s fun!’Boss: ‘GENIUS!!!’————————————-Give me a break!Anyhoo. That’s a big to-do list! How’re you holding up so far?What they’re NOT telling you about Trading Spaces is that in addition to the fact that you don’t have handy guy Ty, you also don’t have 50 production assistants running around prepping everything and doing work when the cameras aren’t rolling.Sorry…

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