choose the blue

found these sites ( , where you can see the percentage of $ donated to political campaigns. I was pleased to note that the place we spend roughly half our income (costco) is 98% blue and horrified to find out that the other half of our income spent at home depot supports the dark side.

other highlights :
buy from estee lauder (91), barnes & noble (98), bed bath & beyond (93), ticketmaster(95), arbys (100), sonic drive in (100), hyatt (87), (95),, progressive insurance(100)

avoid fruit of the loom(100), circuit city(96), hormel (100), saks (95), cinemark movie theaters (97), columbia house (100), wendy’s (91), darden restaurants (red lobster, olive garden -91), hooters (97), brinker restaurants (chilis, maggianos, macaroni grill – 92), outback (NO! 98), pizza hut (95), colorado rockies (100! i’m ashamed), drury inn (98),

surprises: fox cable networks – 61%?? thanks, but that still doesn’t make up for fox news.
target.. how could you be 73%??


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